Xing Creative Logo

Taking complex tasks and objectives and
  making them simple, so that you can focus
    your attention on the things that matter.

Our Mission

Xing Creative’s mission is to provide churches with website simplicity. By providing management tools that allow non-technical staff and leaders to easily update their ministries, events, and other data, we hope to make church websites more useful to their members.

The Developers

Kevin Nelson

Kevin consults full-time as a Senior Software Engineer. Kevin has worked in web development since 1999 on a wide range of websites–from small business to enterprise applications. Since starting in the web business, Kevin has always had a goal of creating something that churches could utilize to keep their sites updated that would be easy to use for even non-technical church staff.

Kevin is a husband and father of three little boys, a three-year-old and twin 1-year-olds. So, as people like to tell him when he’s pushing his 5-foot-long stroller, he has his hands full. When he’s not juggling his three boys or trying to find some time away from the kids with his wife, he is usually hard at work programming some bells and whistles for some website somewhere.

Brian Jones

Brian is a husband and father of three, two boys and a girl. Brian works as a Software Engineer at Mad Gravity. Being a member of the YapTap team, Brian is no stranger to developing applications to help churches communicate with their congregation.