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What are your rates?

Standard Rate: * $125/hour
Custom Design: * $2,500
Template Implementation: * $500
Standard Hosting: * $9.95/month

* terms apply, and with hosting, many things will receive discounted rates.

Why don’t you do flat rate quotes for large custom programming jobs?

Small custom programming jobs can typically be quoted at a flat rate. However, larger jobs, that will take more than two weeks of development time are pretty much impossible to estimate accurately. So, for larger projects, most of the time, an hourly rate will benefit you. Here are some details as to why:

  • Flat Rate Quote
    • With flat rate quotes, you only get what’s in the spec, nothing more.
      • Often clients don’t really know what they want until they see it forming.
      • Making changes or adding to a spec after it’s been finalized is called “scope creep” and isn’t typically allowed.
      • Scope creep can’t be allowed, which means in the end, the client got what they thought they wanted and not what they really want.
    • Time is wasted making specs that are generally vague and give the client only the bare essentials of what they asked for.
      • The client only gets what they asked for and not necessarily what they need.
      • The cost of writing the spec gets added onto the quote.
      • Hours are unnecessarily wasted on the spec if the client decides the cost is too high.
    • One party almost always ends up losing their shirts.
      • If we underestimate the time, it’s our shirts.
      • If we overestimate the time, it’s your shirt.
      • Whoever loses their shirt will walk away unhappy and not wanting to work with the other party again.
      • Standard practice for a quote is to estimate the time and then double or even triple it for “unknowns”.
  • Hourly Rate
    • You get what you pay for.
    • Request the bare essentials first, get your site live, then you’ll be able to better form an opinion as to what you need next.
    • You can follow the Agile principles of project management, which in general reduces project time and increases profit for businesses that use it.