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Xing Creative is Online

Xing (pronounced Zing) Creative, is proud to announce that it is online.  Xing Creative is a website development company whose purpose is to provide great websites for churches and non-profits at an affordable price.  For churches, that affordable price is going to be $FREE.  While we will be providing paid services so that we can keep the lights on and feed our families, we plan to offer a small hosting package completely free with many or all of the features of the paid application.  As a church grows bigger and wants to upload sermon audio files, etc., which require more space–only then will they need to pay for our services, and even then, the prices will be extremely affordable.

We are currently in the beginnings of development on our church management software, which, as I mentioned, churches will be able to utilize for free to keep their regular attenders and church members updated.  Office staff will be able to keep the site content updated easily without the need for a webmaster or church member who knows HTML or programming.  This means, no more advertising the event that happened three months ago because the guy in your church that you rely on for your website has been too busy.  Our goal is to make managing your church’s site as simple as possible while still providing a wealth of features that will make it a useful tool for your church members rather than simply a brochure for people who don’t go to your church.

Features of the software will include an event calendar with one-time and recurring events (weekly, bi-weekly, 1st of month, etc.).  Events will be organized by ministry, and users will be able to sign-up to receive notifications about upcoming events in ministries that they select without having to be bombarded with all the events that they don’t care about (e.g. a 21-year-old single doesn’t really want to be notified about the next seniors potluck as fun as it might be).

Please make sure to subscribe to our feed so that you can keep apprised of our progress as we move forward.

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